The philosophy at The WaterLeaf is one of service and flexibility. Both the owners and our employees are not just committed to doing a “job”, or doing the politically expedient thing. Instead, we are personally committed to doing the right and ethical thing, and from that position letting the resulting outcomes flow. We take more than a passing interest in doing whatever is necessary to successfully serve the needs of our Residents and their family members.

As an owner-operated facility, we are not managed by some large corporate chain with headquarters remotely located in Seattle or Los Angeles. This generally allows for a more flexible and better fit in responding to circumstances. We believe in hiring the best people and treating them with support and respect. Before hiring anyone, we ask ourselves if this is someone we would want taking care of our own mother. We believe in our employees’ desire and ability to make good decisions. We don’t believe in micro-managing or second-guessing them. Our goal is to be responsive to the community, not just a financial statement bottom line.

We strive to create a balanced atmosphere that is professional, yet casual and relaxed – not rigid or institutional. The owners’ daily presence in the facility helps to set the right tone. We personally live and are invested in the surrounding community. Our aim is not to create a five-star resort with a price to match, but rather a clean, home-like, reasonably priced option that represents value. We believe this approach best serves the long-term needs of everyone.